Referencia: B0179FY50O
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  • Lilalu 8.5 cm Duck Toy with Crown (Orange)
›Ver más detalles Free of toxic ingredients and in accordance with the CE standard therefore also very suitable for babies and toddlers;Ideal as a gift for the wedding and as a luckycharm for the first years of marriage also in combination with the bride duck;Product is design by Lilalu;The ducks have a size of 8 centimetres and weight an average of 50 grams;Measures 8.5 cm length by 7.5 cm width by 8 cm height

LiLaLu Silencioso Que el Pato con la Corona Naranja Pato de Goma passerotta Tranquila Que Desde Playa del Pato Pato starnazzio Estatua Amada Juguetes de Playa de Caucho 2005 B0179FY50O

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